This Roblox Game TRACKS Your Data -

This Roblox Game TRACKS Your Data

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This Roblox Game TRACKS Your Data and it’s AWFUL…
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This is one of my standard Laughability lets play videos, I see a data harvesting method trending on TikTok.

NEVER play this Roblox experience in 2023 if you want to keep your info safe… FUN!

If this video gets 20,000 likes I’ll do something else



  1. I love that a file is called grandmas meth rec-😂

  2. 1:50 mobile isnt that bad (for some devices it is) i can play this high ahh quality game on mobile but cant play a game that has like no graphics so its not that bad :/

  3. im not enjoying so im not subscribing lol

  4. That red loading screen does happen on mobile.

  5. 7:09 the ad on the side is literally zenitsu and inoske from demon slayer-😀

  6. that swan location game actually scared me💀 I couldn't alt + f4 I couldn't leave I couldn't close roblox windows by right-clicking on it so I literally was forced to use fkn task manager💀

  7. Mad respect that you played microwave dinner

  8. The guy who lives at 9726 James Ave. Watching this : 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  9. for anyone wondering: at the start where he was "logging in"
    he just spelt ?iwjdsldnls?wdwdsks?n?wls (the ?s are things that got skipped)

  10. bro thought we didnt see grandmas meth recipe

  11. The red loading is in roblox moblie so there is nothing wrong with the loading

  12. No the red loading thing isn't on mobile.

  13. i think the red loading circle is only on android

  14. bro really tried to roast my last age in 2763 languages

  15. gotta love how to “hacker” didnt steal the home work

  16. The 22th July 2023 I created a spin-off of Roblox (that is not the actual Roblox)

  17. Roblox is not blocked at my school

  18. I played this on my computer on shcool😂

  19. bruh school has a whole go guardian thing lol they see everything lol.

  20. GD henlleystonny (MicrosoftBonzi RB) says:

    bruh its mobile version

  21. That’s my address….

    Man I gotta move

  22. i just noticed roblox knows where you live and your ip address 🙂

  23. "Could even steal your data"
    steals all files except for *Homework*

  24. I love how in the beginning it says "Grandma's meth recipe"

  25. i’ve used this sight in school and i’m so happy that my friends told me not to use my main

  26. I use roblox now gg at school, and i havent gotten hacked,!

  27. I got error code 666.666.
    It told me to call 999

  28. On my school laptop I used Now gg it work it’s the best

  29. Wait the address in the thumbnail was in castro valley I live in that city 😳


    Sites like "now" COULD be safe. They COULD also be dangerous. The point of this video isn't necessarily whether the specific sites I discuss in the video are dangerous or not, but actually just to teach people NOT to trust their info with any site other than the REAL Roblox.

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