This Roblox Hangout Game Should be BANNED -

This Roblox Hangout Game Should be BANNED

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This Roblox Hangout Game Should be BANNED because it is not for kids and an inappropriate experience…
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This is one of my standard Laughability lets play videos, I play an inappropriate game that’s been trending on TikTok.

Last time I saw Roblox but it’s NOT Roblox and today I see a game on Roblox that’s full of cnp avatars and slenders and stitch faces and needs to be DELETED… FUN!

If this video gets 3,000 likes I’ll do something else



  1. M15!!?? For god sake🤦🏻‍♂️


  3. I tried the game on the thumbnail and it wasn’t bad at all-

  4. never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down says:

    Oh s**t we're f**ked in 5 years

  5. every hangout game must be banned expect hacker hangout and guest hangout

  6. The title is family friendly game it meant dirty by get a mop and clean

  7. The best hangout game has to be a game called be a toy

  8. jiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafeijiafei

  9. I saw the dirty place when I search up Jenna

  10. Also condo means butt in nepali and im nepali

  11. Pov: i played dirty place hang out and i f**** liked it-

  12. i disagree with the first one should be banned cuz it has a item if u join group that is b a n n a n a

  13. Yk dirty place means….yk

  14. Gaming Time With Aahana #RoadTo80Subs #TeamUkraine says:

    After saying so many bad words in his vids, and making so many risky vids, im surprised he's still in the star program.

    i guess censoring helps c:

  15. Me and my little cousin watch your vids and now she is crying because now my mum won't let her play meepcity btw she is 5

  16. AT 3:41



  17. it shouldn’t the one on the what ever it called

  18. I am scared of Roblox bad games now. HELP!

  19. Every day we Stray Further and Further From gods light..

  20. the face you make when you realise a piggybank simulator just hacked yuor audio

  21. I have a hangout game. I has gore. Pretty normal.

  22. Only if it wasn't dirty and dirty was replaced by aesthetic it would been amazing

  23. This is my time to expose all the simps to ever exist

  24. Imagine if you just woke up and saw these games under the "friend activity" tab lol

  25. 2:17, that once happened to me while trying to find those weird games and if i found one i were gonna report it, when my friends joined the just stared at me lmao

  26. Surprisingly Shedletsky did make a "dirty place" And idk if anyone knows why 😥

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