This Roblox Horror Game Is AMAZING... -

This Roblox Horror Game Is AMAZING…

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Deep Nightmares In The Closet is 1000% inspired by little nightmares, and it’s one of my favorite singleplayer roblox horror games that I’ve ever played. It genuinely is a breath of fresh air compared to all the terrible games that get copy pasted onto the platform.
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  1. the original game was called "the closet"

  2. The first jumpscare scared the shit outta me

  3. My favorite moment is “ Actually I can jump on them like there’re Squidward “

  4. Im 30 seconds in and i gotta say that this game looks GREAT. Well, i did totallt work on the game. Like totally i worked on it. I animated the teddy bear on the bed.I dont mean to throw shade at the devs. I do this with every game i watch.

  5. You died on the conveyer belt to the smashers and I got put in a cat's & soup ad

  6. this game reminds me of among the sleep quite a lot but it is also very similar to little nightmares I guess

  7. first time you see the doll… hi im a nosed doll

  8. i like the unknow call music in the case boss figth whit phone guy theme

  9. I personally have more fun watching these type of videos if hes with his friends

  10. the whole game is like putting you on edge with every monster encounter😭😭😭

  11. How do you play this? It's locked for me

  12. Wow, this game hyped me up for little nightmares 3 I hope you play it when it comes out rogurt

  13. Did u know that in the time period right now, there are actually 9 dislikes?

  14. day 1 of asking if will you play the game called "SCP-3008" with your friends, it would be awesome

  15. rogurt: that was the most jumpscare jumpscare i ever jumpscare 1/13/2024

  16. Pls play mimic book 2 chapter 3 rogurt🤓

  17. Every like this comment gets I do one pushup

  18. I want you to play the game where you were walking in snow and you were talking about how you're fans mom met you and you gve him a shoutout and the you went into an office with your friend and he said be quiet bc the monster can hear them pls play it i want chapter 2

  19. i love the fact that its inspired by liitle nightmare and i recommend you should try gaming with Tomomi its a singleplayer

  20. Day 23 of asking rogurt to play the upturned by zeekerss on steam

  21. definitely inspired by Little Nightmares and Among the Sleep

  22. Yo Rogurt the mimic book 2 chapter 3 is out you should check it out

  23. Im saying this again play cliffside its a non finished game but looks and plays in a amazing way

    Its also multiplayer

  24. You should try Cliffside Station! Fun multiplayer teamwork-esque horror game.

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