This Roblox JOJO Game is VERY Similar to Stand Upright! -

This Roblox JOJO Game is VERY Similar to Stand Upright!

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This Roblox JOJO Game is VERY Similar to Stand Upright!

Sub Goal : 🔥125,000🔥


Roblox Group:

Discord :

Game Discord: For some reason, I can’t get the discord link, just go to the game link and join their discord through there.

Intro Music:
Outro Music:

Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.


  1. sad it was an open test today aand i got a godly sp and a mythical the hand, but they closed early bc of bugs and exploiters and it wont be opened again for at least a month :/

  2. Oh man i remember you having like 1,4K subs showcasing stands on Stand Upright

  3. i likke the old voice better but i like this

  4. i remember how u can one shot someone with just barrage in ts

  5. I played the game and my first stand was sp:so overdrive trait it looks like its one of the bests traits of the game so im kinda lucky

  6. If aut get release: ill rekt player with standless

  7. I thought there wasn’t gonna be mobile support but I saw the desc of the game and it it’s already the best jojo game yet

  8. Omg the voice very epic i lik your voice better than robot voice very epik voic

  9. Hey I missed you, your at 127k now feels so nostalgic I been here seiner your first stand upright vids at like less than 1K.

  10. I wish can get a dio skull but it's too hard in stand awaking

  11. Why Why i lost my computer when this happend

  12. the stand upright discord have some sneak peaks so I think real stand upright will comback soon B)

  13. I suggest you try and actually play "bizarre adventures" it updated and people became nicer somehow

  14. Play Bizarre blox that game such fun

  15. Can you play stand heritage it’s really under rated I could even give u cream in the game

  16. What time is comping back pls I really what to play it day private pls tell us I really what to play same as A Universal time pls I really what to plsy

  17. Can you put some music cuz its kinda boring when you just play

  18. The good days off playing stand upright 🥺

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