This UNKNOWN Roblox JOJO Game is VERY FUN and UNIQUE! -


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  1. can i 1v1 u blox fruit plsss
    i want yoru

  2. I got ban 7 days for saying is gay the rarest stand was ge shiny not the g word

  3. 7:28 this why pro not cant strong the lvl of hacker bikes what:Allians 👍👍😂

  4. This game looks kinda good,thanks for making a vid on it

  5. theres something about jojo games that make you have a complex on getting the perfect stand, even though its boring

  6. If they add star platinum the world on n the joio game it would br so cool

  7. The game isn’t glitchy it’s star platinum has ts movement which isn’t true but since Jotaro moved his hand in time stop while fighting dio they thought why not time stop movement

  8. Im so sad my account git hacked and i can't get it back i hope i can play this but i have no accounts

  9. magician's red mademe laugh with the design xD

  10. Play Crazy Bizzare Adventure, the game is halted due to there only being 1 developer (I think so) and so if it gets the attention it deserves (It's extremely underrated in my opinion) the owner (only dev) might continue on it.

  11. So anyone going to notice the faces fucking blink?

  12. jojos arm band adventure is very unique and cool game

  13. Anyone have link to their discord?? Omt discord

  14. Bro… i got two normal omt with trait godly and one shiny normal omt with trait powerful

  15. In stands awakening solar one more time is my fav spec but thisbjojo game makes me very happy hope they add solar one more time there 😉

  16. in japan u are a stand user
    but in russian u are the stand

  17. I played that game before and got ge in one hat

  18. pov when you get made in heaven on first hat of your first game but its weak but ya use the codes the pog youtuber gives you gets godly: hehe boi time to be the funni man

  19. the game is so good, i need to buy vip right away. also i subbed 😀

  20. Your puny star platinum is nothing compared to my mado in heaven

  21. i want u to have a new vid with st w

  22. Yes this is probably best Jojo game

  23. Gonna try dis game. Starting to get bored of yba

  24. I love ur videos huge fan its my dream to add u butcite not possible and the game 10 9ut of 10 to me

  25. They took an underrated spec and made it amazing and unique, just needs a bit of patches.

  26. I feel most of the effects and guis look like yba

  27. Does this game have a discord? And if it does what is it’s discord code

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