Top 10 NEW Upcoming ROBLOX Games Of 2022 To Be EXCITED For! -

Top 10 NEW Upcoming ROBLOX Games Of 2022 To Be EXCITED For!

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Today we gonna be going over my top 10 best upcoming roblox games this year, these are all games I’m very excited for, and think are very well built

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he types of gameplay on Roblox are just as limitless as the imagination of the creators themselves.

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  1. OneSea copied Destiny seas gui and started talking shit when it’s their fault

  2. wen i play the top2 and top1 i will never stop playing that i really want to play it today

  3. I have never heard of some saying jump force was a hit game but ma check some of these out

  4. I am hoping that project slayer wont die like the other project games which was overly hyped. This game is the only top tier that has similar graphics to gpo but the playstyle is far more expected. I haven't been seeing any leaks so far from project hopefully there are hidden leaks in patreon.

  5. Roblix need a better engine like unreal engine 4

  6. I hope the jjk game doesnt end up like GPO

  7. Exoria worlds end didnt get into the list B( when is that game gon release

  8. i need the number 5 game because i saw a fake game IT WAS A FAKE AND OOFw wait is it still up yet or not

  9. Great vid! Eternal seas is honestly the surprise packet, didn't look like it was going to be good and turned out to be quite fun!

  10. sa video s'est de la merde on comprend rien pour se qui son pas bilangue et de plus il a rien mie en description

  11. hope emblem tales is not p2w game. damn ill cry if it is. its mmorpg which means you are going to adventure and do some cool stuff. damn im excited.

  12. i have test in pproject hunter 🙂

  13. nice video bro, can you tell me the name of the second game in the intro pls ?

  14. 12:52 "And all of your favorite animes are going to be intertwined into one game"
    Doesn't see a spec of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  15. I really hope project slayer can be played in mobile

  16. Im Hyped for Wild Seas! Wild Seas also coming in 2022.

  17. does anyone know if scarlet moon gonna be on mobile

  18. and also emblem takes will that be on mobile

  19. Bro anything that isn't anime? That's all thats on roblox anymore man and i enjoy anime but this is to much

  20. Eternal seas is being made by CaptainMaui and his team

  21. so tell me why the hell you didn't put the links in the desc???

  22. i was looking forward to scarlet moon because of how well made it looks but sadly i dont have any robux, i also feel like 800 is a bit much

  23. I wish there was a roblox infamous sort of game,you know,based on stuff like 2 and second son.

  24. Eternal seas , Grand Kaizen X Hunter Tales nice for me

  25. Looking at eternal seas, atleast it looks like it has better functional ships

  26. Late in this year supposedly there's another game dropping: it's called arcane odissey, and it's from the creator of world of magic and arcane adventures, which was a really popular magic game. It has boats and a lot of magics, fighting styles. For what I've seen its gonna be massive, even more if you consider it's made from a guy which made such a known game like arcane adventures

  27. Another upcoming game! Piggy: intercity. Technically its already on roblox, BUT! Devs (16-17 people) will make massive update! Here what comes:
    Piggy: Intercity is going to be released on may or june maybe. The full version of intercity will be COMPLETELY different that the game now. Intercity will take place after events of main piggy game. You will meet many NPCs which you can talk to. You wiil have 3 options of talking – Negative, neutral and nice. The way you talk to NPC will affect the plot. Also Every 5 ending of piggy book 2 are canon in intercity. The way of the ending depending on your act. For example: you act negative, and the way of ending is Willow survivor (thats name of ending). If you act nice your way of ending is Hidden ending and etc.
    Intercity will have a party mode where you can call your friends (4 max) and play with them together on your world/save slot. Also in intercity you will have 3 slots to play. Maybe you will be able to have more for robux (not confirmed). Intercity will have overall 80+ new maps, new battle system, base building and the plot where you choose who you want to be. Also there's going to be bosses, mutants, insolence members, raiders and a lot more. And intercity will have fractions, like military or raiders. You and your fraction will be able to raid bases of people. Also there will be many locations, like a horror one. Also there is going to be missions, which can give you armor, weapons, exp and etc. Also there's ģoing to be dictator who controlles the country and the insolence cult will come back.
    ALSO please, if you want to grind for a future, then don't cuz EVERYTHING we have now will dissappear

    The whole map of intercity will change.
    We have seen only 10% of intercity for now.
    Also for those who knows who TSP (The silver paw) are: Members of tsp is going to have a big role in intercity. Looks like Felix especially. Also we might see sentinels in intercity.
    Intercity is not going to be laggy, because the owner of intercity and piggy made a tweet where he was running across the field with almost 200+ infected NPCs and he didn't even lag
    For completing missions you will get armor (yeah, armor which reduces damage), weapons and new zones
    Also there is going to be politic in intercity.
    Intercity will have bases, clans (!) and jobs (like farmer, politic or soldier)
    There is going to be many types of food with different effect. Some food can have negative effect while some positive effects. There is going to be meet too
    One of devs, "Dexter_Playzz" said that intercity is going to be insane.
    Intercity will have deeper story than piggy
    We will see more new types of enemies we havent seen before
    (!) Depending on your level, you will be able to be more resistance to attacks of NPC. The size of your base depends on the level too
    Minitoon (owner of piggy and intercity) says that intercity is going to be fuse of Zelda and minecraft
    Minitoon plans to publish intercity with full plot and later update the game adding more adventures.
    Intercity could tell the story of infection
    You will have tools to fight, build and collect resources like wood, stone and metal.
    Sooo…that's it! are you excited for Piggy: intercity?

  28. On anime legends, the biggest credit goes to the roblox team for making the roblox materials that make everyone go lazy and not want to texture assets

  29. why theres only anime games??????? i didnt searched for anime games only

  30. 800 robux after u paied for deepwoken gpo and northwind, u should just cry

  31. The JJk game has basically the same combat as project hero, I used to play that game but now even though it's good, nobody plays it anymore

  32. New title: Top 10 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING (Anime) Roblox Games Of 2022 To Be EXCITED For!

  33. Ayo? wheres my fav game aote aka attack on titan evolution?

  34. There are a few jojo games coming. THERES ALSO FINALLY A GOOD JJK GAME THATS COMING OUT!

  35. Top 10 upcoming roblox games WITHOUT anime?

  36. There must be a game like "Ghost of Tsushima" or "Sekiro Shadow Die twice"

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