Top 10 Roblox Games of 2020 -

Top 10 Roblox Games of 2020

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The annual tradition returns… Fave discusses the Roblox games that got the most visits in the year 2020. The long year that was, with people staying in to play more Roblox games. Will Piggy win? I don’t know… well I do, but watch the video…
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  1. 2021: Brookhaven who was the 8th most visited in 2020and has crossed adopt me in 2021: R U SURE ABOUT THAT

  2. Arsenal is not advanced. It's the exact opposite, simplicity is why its popular. No grinding, no skill needed (if you are skilled that will help, but if you arent you wont keep getting destroyed like other games)

  3. Hi fave! I am a big fan and can you pls comment on this comment some of the good obbys that you play? Because I really wanna try some!

  4. Yes I’m from the future from 2021 and piggy is on book 2 chapter 9

  5. I’m on the second to last I’m assuming the #1 is gonna be adopt me

  6. I comment to much but newfissy and bethink did good on there game

  7. I knew adopt me would be number 1 i KNEW IT

  8. “Nothing could ever touch adopt me.”Brook heaven managed to touch adopt me! Now it’s the most popular game on roblox

  9. "No game can touch adopt me"
    brookhaven: are you sure about that?

  10. I think the most popular or second most popular game of 2021 will be Brookhaven 🏡 RP I think I’m not saying it will

  11. Fave:if your watching this in the future piggy will probably on book 38 chapter 99
    Me knowing the chapters only go to chapter 12 and book 2 is the last book:🤦‍♂️

  12. 2:00 oh god if u only knew how badly this game was gonna fall off. The community has gotten way more toxic, devs have become lazy and we have gotten 1 update since january (summer update keeps getting pushed back despite they basically had half a year to get it done.) and even when it updates they dont fix problems (matters fact they usually make them WORSE. yikes.) Arsenal isnt ever gonna be the same game it was before.

    Oh and i dont think we should mention how ROLVe keeps a dev who exploits in his own game, and scammed and said some racist stuff. Says a lot of their character and ideals

  13. 2020: Brookhaven almost there on 1st (2021: WE ARE FIRST


  15. Yea ofc this entire list are my least favorite games except tower of hell

  16. Nah like 2020 for royale high was a big year alot things came out all the 2020 items cost atleast 10m+ diamonds (rh currecny) and thats alot to farm for and its expensive 260k diamonds is already 8k robux barbie (callmehbob) is rich lol 🤠

  17. Fun fact : I used to be a friend of a dev of Brookhaven before I was unfriended due to her clearing her friend list

  18. Tbh I hate Adopt Me. It became a sea of ODers and I feel got popular over taking the aspect of huge other games. Also, games like MM2 I find really weird how popular they are. Even though games like Mad Games died because of MM2 when Mad Games had more stuff to do. I just don't get how so many games out populate better versions

  19. Faave: nothing can touch adopt me me: wow you're wrong the only thing that can touch adopt me is Tower defense simulator it existed before adopt me did

    Brookhaven in 2021: bet
    Adopt me:👁👄👁🖕

  21. I play arsenal i meet racist and toxic player lol

  22. "it probably on book 38 chapter 99"

    the final chapter of piggy is here…
    chapter 12…

  23. Fave i need your help geting my acount back it got HACKED

  24. Are you insane how did you not hear of Brookhaven it is so fun you need to play it now

  25. Give me 10 rubox plssss : > macoytianan123 plssssss þ

  26. DUDE ARSENAL WAS MADE IN 2015 GET IT RIGHT FAVE (no hate to fave)

  27. if he didnt say arsenals date wrong it might have not been on the list

    Survival the Jeff the killer:here hold my knife

  29. Fave ur not a nice person irl and your not in your original account witch was banned also tubers93 hacked ur game

  30. Hello fave my name is milena o tubers93 you hacked😭

  31. u just put the most fameousgames of roblox of all time. everyone knows them

  32. at this mommet he knew if he
    waitded to long and 2022 comes
    he f up

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