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I compiled MY list of favorite Roblox Simulators for 2020 SO FAR! More Sims are coming out every week so I plan on making a Part II of my Top 20 later in the year.

Discover many Roblox simulators that are in my rotation, and why I dig them. Enjoy the vid and please share! BTW… important note, 2 Roblox codes are scattered throughout the video (6 total code fragments.) If you found the code and redeemed the code please comment below, and if we can reach 100 likes I’ll hide another gift card code in my next vid! Thanks for watching.

Honorable Mentions:
Bubble Gum Sim:
Saber Simulator:

Pet Simulator 2:

Planet Hoppers:

Slaying Simulator 2:

Magnet Simulator:

Ninja Legends:

Soda Simulator:

Tree Planting Simulator:

Black Hole Simulator:

Unboxing Simulator:

Pickaxe Simulator:

Lumberjack Legends:

Sizzling Simulator:

Sneeze Simulator:

Blade Throwing Simulator:

Laser Legends: s

Minion Simulator:

Dr. Seuss Simulator:

Merge Battle Simulator:

Pet Ranch 2 Simulator:

Bee Swarm Simulator:

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  1. honestly I think animal sim should have been on here

  2. Hi plss give my account robux plss 🥺

  3. I like how he put some of the worst simulators on Roblox, and stop saying Ninja Legends is original they legit just copied Saber Simulator.

  4. Tower defense simulator should go in top 5

  5. He say all si ulator copy of ninga simulator

  6. most of these games are bad cashgrabs the only good simulators were the old ones like pet simulator the first simulator to have pets and bee swarm

  7. Bee swarm Simulator is my Favourite roblox game

  8. Another good simulator is strong man simulator

  9. Are we gonna talk about how strong he is in all the games he showed

  10. Me did he not evan talk abowt pet simulator 1 me un sub

  11. Noob army tycoon,it’s like a sim but it is a tycoon

  12. Dark, you are my favourite content creator and it would mean the world to me if you gave me a code to give to my friends who has Leukemia and he really loves watching you too.

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