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I compiled MY list of favorite Roblox Simulators for 2020 SO FAR! More Sims are coming out every week so I plan on making a Part II of my Top 20 later in the year.

Discover many Roblox simulators that are in my rotation, and why I dig them. Enjoy the vid and please share! BTW… important note, 2 Roblox codes are scattered throughout the video (6 total code fragments.) If you found the code and redeemed the code please comment below, and if we can reach 100 likes I’ll hide another gift card code in my next vid! Thanks for watching.

Honorable Mentions:
Bubble Gum Sim:
Saber Simulator:

Pet Simulator 2:

Planet Hoppers:

Slaying Simulator 2:

Magnet Simulator:

Ninja Legends:

Soda Simulator:

Tree Planting Simulator:

Black Hole Simulator:

Unboxing Simulator:

Pickaxe Simulator:

Lumberjack Legends:

Sizzling Simulator:

Sneeze Simulator:

Blade Throwing Simulator:

Laser Legends: s

Minion Simulator:

Dr. Seuss Simulator:

Merge Battle Simulator:

Pet Ranch 2 Simulator:

Bee Swarm Simulator:

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  1. I can’t find soda simulator anywhere

  2. God, I wish he knew about the original pet simulator.

  3. Me:*sees slaying simulator 2*
    Nostalgic memories of me and the bois playing the game
    Me: 😐
    Me: 🙂
    Another one
    Me:*sees lumberjack legends*
    Very nostalgic memories flowing by me
    Me: 😥

  4. im surprised anime fighting sim didnt get listed here

  5. bee swar or pet simulator 1 should be the number 1, they bost changed roblox forever, especially pet simulator, if not for it, there would never be the trend of pets in simulators

  6. you forgot the mining simuleator but good video

  7. Bee swarm sim is such a grind even is your not that good

  8. I was looking for a video about top grindy games and I clicked on your video without knowing it was your video even tho I've been watching you for 2 years I think

  9. ninja clicker simulator is realy good when you do something you got very very extited bbecause its very fun

  10. Omg i just noticed this is such a old video his name is dark viper back then
    Edit: just noticed DV is actually dark viper in short so he changed it to dv for short

  11. Old fun fact: nosniny is also the creator of the game super golf lol it's pretty old fun fact

  12. I used to be on the leaderboard for bee swarm until my account got hacked ):

  13. Hi Bro I love your vids and I love this vid

  14. I want robux pliss my roblox name is irfan jepang12

  15. Seeing the Egg Hunt flags makes me sad. after the shit metaverse

  16. (◣_◢)(◣_◢)(◣_◢)(◣_◢)(◣_◢)(◣_◢)(◣_◢)

  17. bee swarm is my most favor game BEE SWARM IS THE BEST

  18. Actually this is wrong saber simulator and bubble gum simulator came first with the jump to islands thing so ninja legends is a copy cat

  19. tower defense simulator should be on this list who agrees with me?

  20. Im not trying to be rude but i dont like these simulators

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