Top 28 Roblox RPG Games to play (Roblox Roleplay Games) -

Top 28 Roblox RPG Games to play (Roblox Roleplay Games)

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Top 28 Roblox RPG Games to play (Roblox Roleplay Games) shows you Top 28 Roblox RPG Games to play (Roblox Roleplay Games). If you love Roblox RPG Games, then these Top 28 Roblox RPG Games to play (Roblox Roleplay Games) are the best roblox games to play in 2022


  1. The game is Divinity 2 Original Sin (Or definitive edition for you PS4 nerds)

  2. You guys should try balanced craft wars overhaul

  3. Only Shadovis RPG good and i recommend pilgrammed

  4. Note: word of magic is a older game from vetex, play arcane odyssey (new and better)

  5. Baldur's Gate III is the game made by larian games

  6. Why isn't Lords of the Multiverse on the list

  7. bro said northern lands dungeon quest like northern lands is the entire game, (it's one dungeon) and a pretty late game one too so uh nice job on that.

  8. SLAYING SIM was really good but died cause of lack of updates ):

  9. Legend of the bone is probably my favuorite one here but it is definitely grindy

  10. no dont bring rogeu back i cant even speak to another player in that bitch

  11. Rain valley (unreleased game): you forgot me…

  12. Most of the games aren’t even rpg games

  13. Btw world of magic is revamped into arcane odyssey, both cant be played on mobile btw

  14. Yknow he makes these games sound so much more interesting then they are

  15. Pilgrammed, deepwoken, and fantastic frontier are my top 3.

  16. Pilgrammed is just Deepwoken on about a handful of shrooms, really good, grinded and lost my mind but I'm strong-ish now

  17. Yba and legends rewritten are the best rpg game to ever exist on Roblox (this a Hot take or nah?)

  18. How the hell did Yba make this list?!

  19. the best rpg game on roblox imo is critical legends, it has a unique mob fighting and boss fighting system, there are hundreds of different passives and actives you can use to create your own build and there is a insane amount of content and lore

  20. more than 5 seconds a game would be nice to actually see whats going on?

  21. bro put a bedwars character to an rpg video

  22. 3:02 i play this game many times bro
    (Fun fact: They don't roleplay that much anymore)

  23. I really thought bro would say them in order

  24. bro aint no way he didnt mention pilgrammed,arcane odyssey and voxlblade

  25. EDIT: FOUND IT! ITS CALLED "Devil Beater". (Not goin to post link here, bcuz its easy to find)

    Hello! Today i've played Shadovis RPG and remembered old and cool game that had same design as Shadovis (well, same game style – every block is studs-texture and blocky).

    I cant still remeber name, but i can remember some parts of game. First of all – game title had word hunters in it and had 2 sworded character, next is gameplay – you spawn in giant lobby with posing statue, if you will look around, there will be big library, weapon shops and 2 teleporters – first one for main game, thats about cleaning floors (over 20+), second one teleporter – for bonus games (first – help king in castle / second – go in hell, do the labyrinth and defeat the god of death / third – for events – last even been halloween one that had 5 pillars with humanoids on them that you should have defeat for event items). Theres also 30+ characters ingame. You could change loadout of every character (over 100+ weapons) and every weapon had its own stats. I remember some characters: dual sword swordman (he can use 2 random swords,like – 1 hell sword and 1 heaven sword, or 2 hell / heaven swords) , tech-mage with drone / flying grimoire, fighter with flamed arms that could make fire ring around him and your own (starter) character that only could use 1 sword. Im also remember some part of story – firstly we are getting in game by defeating our friend (every enemy is playable as character, but boss only drops weapons) secondly – we need to defeat the robot boss ( its like 5+ stages to get into boss), and thirdly – go in heaven and defeat Zeus (its last one stage, after that ur getting into 1 stage). About shops – you could roll a roulette to get new character (1 normal roll and 1 epic roll) / armor smith sells weapons that rerolls every hour, and you could craft some weapons with materials you are getting from stages.

  26. vesteria, is the BEST out of all imo. Its just SO GOOD for me


  28. Edit i found it its called Voxlblade

    Im looking for an rpg not many would know, its an open world rpg
    About the lore: there are knights that can summon sword also refered as sword magic that are fighting some rifts. After a lot of time no knights are left and nobody knows that they ever existed, u wake up felling bad and summon a sword accidentaly, after some quests u meet with a person from long ago that was trying to summon a knight cuz the rifts got active again and he says he used all energy to give you sword magic
    General info: you choose paths for your sword using skill points, ex: magic sword, light sword, heavy sword and elemental swords. There are many rarities like: broken, legendary, wet, magical. There are also a LOT of type of armors like: bunny armor, dire bunny armor, frog armor, bee armor i forgot the rest
    Also at the begging u can chose a race that gives you boosts, some give debuffs too

    If anyone knows something let me know

  29. I played vesteria before it was a epic journey to become max level

  30. In the legend of the bone Lord rpg is my favorite but how did you get inf gold 💀 like give me some I need to buy armour

  31. Wheres Shadovia? (İ know fhis video is one year old. İ recommend playing Shadovia.) Note: Not Shadovis Shadovia its a different game

  32. 4:23 roblox brick bronze was deleted, the brick bronze team created loomian legacy, which takes place in another world which is connected to brick bronze in some way, this game is a remake fan game

  33. How come you didnt mention derelict? That game is criminally underrated

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