top 5 most REALISTIC roblox games [part 1] -

top 5 most REALISTIC roblox games [part 1]

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  1. Russian roulette: are you serious right neow

  2. Him:Heighborhood war is realistic gore number 1
    Also him when a second didnt pass:Red box is best gore game

  3. What a very very satisfying game

  4. Nero, Son of Vergil, Descendant of Sparda says:

    I N T E R V A L

  5. Yea but I think that BlackHawk rescue mission 5 it's the most realistic

  6. Im working on an photo realistic mars game soooo keep it up

  7. There is a game that is its bloody ragdoll engine

  8. hey corny, I've been watching you since you got into my recommendation and when you weren't getting this much likes yet. keep it up!

  9. Extreme roulette had extreme gore effects but they deleted it 🥲

  10. i love the part when he shows the other 4 💀

  11. Euphoria blood testing just chill

  12. People play ground: you fools im 10 times you all

  13. Garry’s mod got the same thing it’s gore when you get gibmod

  14. “We’re a kid friendly imagination platform!”

  15. How about you try strawberry jelly on roblox

  16. meanwhile waterloo at home and left 2 die: bruh

  17. “Roblox is for kids”
    Me: “Yes this is for kids right?”

  18. Neighborhood war may not have as good graphics but it has the same exact animation just saying

  19. "Top 5 Most Realistic Games On Roblox" Proceeds to only show one

  20. Black hawk rescue mission you should try it it's fun

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