top 5 most REALISTIC roblox games (UPDATED 2023 RELEASES) -

top 5 most REALISTIC roblox games (UPDATED 2023 RELEASES)

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  1. I think for number 1 (HD Arms) gun testing

  2. try Karelia front lines pls soo good its #1

  3. God loves you and He cares for you. Trust and have faith in Him and watch Him change ur life. He can bless u and give u peace <3

  4. Frontlines moves to slow for me while everyone is moving faster

  5. the deadlines creator shouls hire the one who made the frontlines graphics

  6. I remember when brm5 was sooo goofy but I loved it! Only gripe was that the vehicles were so hard to get…

  7. Bro doenst understand recoil is what makes it realistic

  8. Yo I'm already a pro at rolling thunder i just used a turret to destroy every player lol lmfao 😂 🤣

  9. 6:40 You want to wait years for updates which are in the end mostly untested and probably unfinished? Well here you go…

  10. I never play BRM5 cause its only about PvP if you don't play PvP than there is no point of playing BRM5

  11. when I play Frontlines, it lags on my device

  12. Deadline for the mmoment is suffering some bugs, broken weapons, no recoil etc

  13. hey corny i would put frontlines in 1st place and i kinda disagree but still good video

  14. Project delta should’ve been on here, the mechanics aren’t clunky, the quest system is godly, the bullets have multiple types like tracer, flechette, ap-20, AP, and even Z for 9×19 and 9×18. Not to mention the models are well made, has an economy aspect and trade, and has certain items that are intentionally made rare to enforce the economy. Most of these games don’t really feel like a survival game and are mostly put on here for the gun models alone.

  15. Rolling thunder
    Riot falls

  16. Roblox build showcases can look so realistic.

  17. I feel like PF should have at lest bean at number 5 or an honorable mention

  18. Riotfall is a good pick but i cannot just join on mobile

  19. shouldnt the title be "top 5 most realistic FPS games on roblox" ?

  20. rolling thunder is realistic untill you go into 3rd person

  21. Are these playable on PS5 roblox ? I tried playing some of them but it said one was private and the other said not playable on ps4

  22. You know you can say all the same things…without yelling…

  23. The number one spot I personally don't think it's worth the title and should be brm5 btw you can ride vehicles he didn't mention that

  24. bro think a game is realistic of the sounds bruh but frontlines much more realistic bruh

  25. He forgot a more unkown game named Recoil

  26. non whites control the US army and use it to kill their enemies. at least tell the whole story.

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