Top 5 One Piece Games on ROBLOX -

Top 5 One Piece Games on ROBLOX

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Had a lot of fun playing and ranking these top 5 One Piece games on ROBLOX! The candidates that made it in were Blox Fruits, GPO, Piece X Tycoon, Tien Tien Piece, and King Legacy

Regardless of their rankings I think they’re all worth trying. Not to mention, Sea Piece and Legend Piece had their charms, too!

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  1. Me getting mad at him for say that blox fruits isn’t that good but then realizing that it’s the old version

  2. Blox fruit update comes out it’s better
    AND I hate tycoons the tycoon you were playing their are many other tycoon games are similar it’s not unique it’s copy of other
    King legacy is trash I played it for 6 days and was un impressed
    Gpo pretty Noicd I don’t have anything to say for it because it’s not mobile friendly I don’t really know how good it is so it’s trash for me lol

  3. For blox fruits it comes down to more skill base in every sea you in. Yes the level difference sometimes can be absurd but most of the time if you no the game and are very skillful with you’re attacks you not going to be worried about the things you were just naming. I get what you’re saying they jus more worried about adding islands and weapons.

  4. Blox fruirs is the best screw all of you gpo fans🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. tbr for me blox fruit is the best one on the list


  7. You can block in Blox Fruits. Just buy observation haki from The Lord of Destruction.

  8. In legend fruit I first get light fruit then I got mochi fruit legend peice is best

  9. omgg i want pirate era to coem out now im so excitedd

  10. The new blox fruit update is what mad it number 1

  11. GPO deserves 1st i understand but blox fruit should be second ;-;

  12. despite not having block mechanics, observation haki is more than enough to substitute for it in blox fruits

  13. blox fruit is literally a pvp combat fighting/ wasting time grinding game that has some features from one piece.

  14. The blox fruits hate sounds like a skill issue lol blox fruits is the number 1 game. This video is opinionated with no facts. There’s a reason why BloxFruits has been crowned kind for three years. It’s should be 1.Blox Fruits 2.Grand Piece 3. King Legecy. Facts are facts.

  15. Blox fruit should be at 1# it has way better effects than every game you said

  16. grand piece is not that good if you're not trying to PVP there's no way to turn it off so just sit there and get camp for new players there's no way to tell which island to go to next or what level to leave the island at like you literally need youtube to play the game and why does it have a battle royale i guess dungeons are kinda neat the fruits look cool the game has really nice animations and graphics

  17. A one piece game is better than half these games

  18. I’m on mobile and I think
    (For mobile users)
    Is AOPG

  19. in blox fruits the game starts to shine in the SECOND sea

  20. If you know What your doing blox fruits is fun don't get trapped into only grinding you can PvP anyone around your level just that you can't bounty hunt going sea beast hunting or trading once in a while keeps you in especially when you unlock new fruits or fighting styles etc aswell as the way awakenings are implemented very fun the problem with gpo is it's confusing moveset since some moves are so similar the bosses aren't modelled great eithe it's better than other op games but The models are somewhat inaccurate but it's to up you this is my opinion but it's your choice

  21. ME knowing that blox fruits ould be higher if he played rn lol

  22. I wish I could play gpo but I’m not very good playing computer

  23. You know ưhat? The lengend piece and some other games were copied blox fruits

  24. a 0ne piece game should've at least been in honorable mentions man

  25. But blox fruit has race 4 know so that means blox fruit is the best case you dont know grand piece is robux and people dont have robux

  26. You tell me a boring tycoon is better than blox fruits? Nah bruh

  27. box fruit is the best game i ever seen so dont say it is bad

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