top 5 roblox FPS games... -

top 5 roblox FPS games…

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  2. dang adopt me is so fun i love the awp. Its my favorite gun it has a good model and fast reloading speed.

  3. adopt me caught me so off guard I spat out my tea

  4. For a second I thought number 1 in the thumbnail was warzone

  5. BRM5 is honestly one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played even tho it was laggy in full servers and I would have played it more if they hadn't updated it because I can't even run it anymore.

  6. i think frontlines the best it has very good graphics and is very fun

  7. the M4a1 and ak12 are op
    (phantom forces)

  8. phantom forces – "fun" – "beginner friendly" stop lying ok? we know its not like that

  9. I think bad business is better then phantom forces for the simple fact that you can get camos like in call of duty It's just a nice thing to get And it looks good as well! I think that both should also have kill streaks or something like it.

  10. "This game has one of the best graphics on roblox"
    Frontlines: I am gonna destroy this man's whole carrear.

  11. Adopt me is a good game but scammers, online daters and hackers just ruin the game 😢

  12. Day 8 of asking try Battlebit Minigame

  13. One thing I don’t like about phantom forces is that you have to keep deploying when you die

  14. Ah yes Adopt me, a fps that everyone has totally never heard.

  15. T̴͖̒h̵̢̆ḙ̶̚A̸̬̐n̸͎͘g̸̟̋e̴͖̓ĺ̴̢ says:

    It is very begginer friendly he said for pf WHEN I GET 100 DEATHS AND 2 KILLS IN A GAME BY INSANE TRY HARDS ver beginer friendly YOU PLAY AGAINST RANK 300 really begginer friendly for real tho

  16. It’s Blackhawk rescue mission. And not deadline. Now we got new maps coming. 🎉

  17. "On alot of guns there is quite a bit of recoil"
    Attachments :

  18. adopt me really really bad and poop game

  19. I would suggest entrenched
    Entrenched is a game loosely based on ww1and it’s very realistic and there aren’t any classes u must buy with robux and…yeah it’s a great game

  20. This is a beginners game AHhHhHhHAaAhHhHh ITS A TANK

  21. what was the mil sim game? he never mentioned the title >:(

  22. hell reaver is based off doom eternal, so that means it's based on moving around.

  23. Yeah trenches is beginner friendly OMG THATS A TANK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  24. Hey you missed to add idk brm5 so what’s up with that

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