Top 7 Best Roblox MMORPG Games to play in 2020 -

Top 7 Best Roblox MMORPG Games to play in 2020

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7 Best MMORPG Roblox Games in 2020 !! Shows you the best MMORPG Roblox Games in 2020. If you are a fan of MMORPG Roblox games then this is the video for you. If you are BORED of the same old MMORPG games then I am sure you will find a new one in this video !! Make sure to watch till the end. The Last one is a very RARE MMORPG.

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These were the 7 Best MMORPG Roblox Games in 2020 !! Thanks for watching !!

What is an MMORPG ?

A massively multiplayer online game is an online game with large numbers of players, often hundreds or thousands, on the same server. MMOs usually feature a huge, persistent open world, although some games differ


  1. Sowrdburst 2 is based off a anime called sword art online (sao)

  2. If you wanna use laughs clips please give him credits.

  3. Bull shit. Not trying to help. But you just named the most main-streamed games. I'm looking for more games like Adventure up, Adventure realms, or just some good lifestyle MMORPG's. Perhaps In beta, or already made. I wish I could play something like those. Or even Fantastic Frontier, or World Zero. I know I just named most of the good one's that are underrated. But It's all true. They might not all be popular. But they are all great games.

  4. Swordburst 2 with 110.5 mil visits +

  5. 2:08 anyone even noticed that Laughability apeared on this part

  6. Thankyou I used to play darkblox and I forgot about and I wanted to play it but I forgot the name

  7. i just relaised astril hearts is based off of sao


  9. darkblox was the first game ive ever played on roblox

  10. I am gonna beat all of these RPG's with only defense baby hell yeah

  11. Guys let me remind you Astral Heart is still in Alpha haven't changed to beta since I'm an Alpha tester mechanics are fine 2 only class available to try and 1 dungeon there most importantly there few less quest you can do you can either level up stronger and wait till the next update

  12. I was literally looking for kingdom life 2 thank you 😂

  13. Yesss I was looking for astral hearts but I forgot the name I’m following omfg thank you

  14. I used to play a medieval style duel game where you would get money from killing people and you would get armor and weapons and u would go back to the pit and duel more ppl and there was monsters that could drop their weapons and armor and it's for free on Roblox Xbox one but I forgot the name

  15. You should add Roblox Lionheart Crusade👍

  16. WhA- Vesteria was or wasnt free??? I get to play me hab no rubox

  17. why did he not mention world of magic/arcane oddysey i mean its been underrated for a long time, when will it be popular i mean the game is perfect i bet if u try it youll get addicted

  18. i think astral hearts was deleted because i cant find the game

  19. If Gwent was made just like Hexaria i would be playing it nonstop.

  20. Why isn't world//zero there it has the best animation

  21. dont you DARE LIE that Adventure up is like DAYZ or Arma 3, I've played both of them and they are NOT EVEN CLOSE to it, way off the bat…

  22. does he not realize that darkblox is dead and broken and they stopped updating it?

  23. Roblox lionhearth's Crusade is still better


  25. Can you show us the games where you can rank up from gaining EXP. Examples are SCP: Roleplay and Blacksite Zeta.

  26. My man it would really help if you but the links to the game at the description. Since most people to lazy to search or can't find it

  27. this videos are useless they dont even link the games

  28. I'm surpirsed you talked about Astral Hearts without mentioning the clear inspiration from Nier: Automata

  29. Do u know a really old roblox game where u kill enemies and they drop like bags of items in them, have u heard of it? bc that game is my childhood

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