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Turning a FREE Roblox Game Into 100,000 ROBUX! Part 2!

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The Previous Upload was an accident and is now unlisted hope you enjoy the for real part 2!

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  1. the discord sounds keep making me think im going insane cuz i check my discord and theres nothing

  2. Please turn streaming mode on, the discord pings are giving me anxiety. Please?

  3. maybe the spikes could be zombie arms out of the ground?

  4. 4:27 this vid has a lot of discord sound and I look 100 time on my discord LOL

  5. btw the red part isn't lava, it is there for all of the other parts as well

  6. bro your vids are amazing but your discord sounds are messing with me please fix that

  7. 2:00 > You can also use 'Building Tools by F3X' for that.
    1. Duplicate the part with Shift-n (F3X control) or CTRL-D
    2. Select rotate then press 'R', A little cross will appear & you click the edge of the part
    now the part will rotate on the axis of where you clicked with the x.
    (I think its a better solution then using archimedes)

  8. Instead of typing '-32' you could also click "invert axis", which will basically mirror it to the other side. so no need to type '-' in front.

  9. I’m sure people have already thought of this, but what about replacing the spikes with barbed wire to give it that abandoned military/factory feel to it?

  10. How did you get your custom coins to work as actual coins? I have made my very own coins and I am yet able to figure out how to make the coin collectable.(this is for anyone generally)

  11. How did u got those textures
    Or did u made it by yourself

  12. There were two coins because you copied one of the original ones.

  13. He could have made the zombies barrels that roll towards you

  14. Tip: show how tf to import blender files in roblox 💀

  15. can you tell me why my things dont do smooth they have a long area of movement
    (if that makes since)

  16. for the spikes, you could make it twisted and little spike points at the top. Maybe toxic waste drooling down the sides?

  17. Im gonna make underground dungeon theme.

  18. Ever since you mentioned the spikes, I thought about those spiky tops on gates and fences, that would look nice especially when they look broken and crooked

  19. every time you begin another game you can go to a shop and upgrade different things like coin multiplier or speed or another life! (thedevking or any other coder might be able to help)

  20. It would be cool if you had the character run into a portal that goes to another theme, for eg water, lava, space.

  21. 3:00 i think that pease desapeares in gameplay and let me explain why . If you look closely to every piece of the obstacule cuorse you will see random lava pieces under the platforms under all the plataforms and on the sides , that in gameplay doesn't apear .

  22. Make it that you can buy diffirent themes with the coins you collect

  23. A toxic monster that chases you so if you get glitches he will come and kill you so you can restart and so it looks scarier

  24. I love this series already! New subscriber aka me

  25. You could add a neon green explosion when you bump into a barrel.

  26. I think it could be cool if some of the zombies were replaced with raiders that are wearing cloaks and gas masks and rusty metal armor.

  27. Bro u should not give bobux becáuse everyone could hack for bobux bro

  28. I could've sworn DevKing did the exact same thing…

  29. the original version is better… this is just a trash skin

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