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Turning a FREE Roblox Game Into 100,000 ROBUX! Part 2!

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The Previous Upload was an accident and is now unlisted hope you enjoy the for real part 2!

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  1. i basicantly did the same think before you but not just re-tecturing the game and modle's,
    i made a NEW GAME

  2. exploiters could exploit the game by using noclip making them just go through everything

  3. Yo where’s the link to the game!?

  4. i wish i had korblox deathspeaker ;-; with only 17,000 but im poor

  5. You can't see the "lava" because it isn't lava, it is the bottom border of the chunk. all of the chunks have it, under the bridge it just looks like lava.

  6. i changed the entire game with a removed roblox file, it has really different mechanics like q / e to rotate cam 90 percent, crouching and stuff. i am thinking of changing its theme and creating other difficulty servers like hard, easy, normal, insane and stuff like that. IT LOOKS GORGEUS FROM THE START.

  7. isnt that dope or nope music in the background?

  8. Could you maybe let people enter this because I would love to go off this if I could thank you.🙂

  9. Funny he don't know ima exploit his game right now 🙂


  11. How are you fixing the game? You're just rebuilding it, not editing any scripts or fixing anything.

  12. I don't think the red on the bridge is loading in because it is under the red thing that says to randomly load in this stage

  13. thanks im gonna steal this game but change it a little bit

  14. Oh lord the discord pings made me think my friends replied to my messages LOL

  15. I think when u past stage it changes color and texture and character of zombie like your on a new map

    Tip: do it like desert,sky,future

  16. Make a shop of the coins and add speed (permanent) for 5k coins low gravity permanent for 3k and delete mines for 50 robux

  17. Maybe change the jumping animation and the running animation insted of rthro.

  18. For the spikes, I think you should make them bombes or something so when a player hits it then the bomb explodes and the whole map ( what can be seen) turns into ashes or just like becomes burnt and the rocks get cracks. Also to add to that put like grass and overgrown plants which would get killed when the bombs explode.

  19. Who else read title wrong I thought it read turning free robux game into 100000 robux game

  20. oh my god, great video but the discord notification in the background confuzed me because i thought i actually got notifications but it's the video 😂

  21. The Discord Sounds keep catching me off guard of thinking someone actually msg-ing me. 😐

  22. I heard the dog barking at some moment

  23. idk y, but my whole map falls apart when i press play, and everything is anchored. (5:18)

  24. Make sure to check the transparency for the lava under the bridge

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