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UNSCARY Roblox Horror Games

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roblox horror games aren’t scary

heres the playlist for music

0:00 – Intro
2:16 – Frogge
8:04 – The Maze
14:19 – The Rake (Noob Edition)
17:36 – Cheese Escape Horror
20:41 – [BONUS] Survive Jake Paul The Killer
23:31 – Conclusion

terror was in this video

end notes:
-while post editing this video i realized that the rake game i was playing was actually the noob edition. i tried the real rake game out on roblox, it wasn’t scary at all, all the points i made in the noob edition apply there.
-roblox servers don’t require money, they are free to host and create
-i played mimic, it wasn’t scary
-a sequel will be made for this video


  1. May you, viewers, please help me find that suspence theme that plays at 4:32 ?
    I think its from a puppet combo game, but searching through ost in EVERY game would take a lot of time, i also may be wrong

  2. theres also other versions of the rake but I feel like the rake would be a way better game if the servers were way smaller like 6 people at max so then the rake would be more deadly

  3. Yea doors have not came out by that time is nothing was scary on Roblox but that phobia game

  4. you forgot about {insert area 51 killing entitiy game that has guns(i forgor the name of the game}

  5. Why are you pretecting that cheese escape is a scary game even know it's not

  6. My friend started crying when we played the maze

  7. Bro the maze is something else.

  8. Froggy is basically a Dead By Daylight ripoff

  9. what if the cheese game is the afterlife. and that is how you get to the afterlife

  10. Doors is scary when your on solo and you havent seen the other 13 entitys are other 3 are harmless

  11. the rake remastered for the most part is a great upgrade, at least visually.
    gameplay-wise, it's not too hard if you camp out in the right spot (not the tower) or simply walk around and keep an eye around you and sprint off in a random direction once the rake sees you.
    the one and only time the game truly scared me was during a random event that lead to me mistaking the rake as a player because of a change in mechanics.
    highly recommend trying it with a friend for a while.

  12. You forgot doors and its IS SCARY I playd it it agen scary

  13. I played the rake and I had the rest of the night

  14. Actually, roblox takes care of all the server hosting, no payment is needed.

  15. i was just about so saw WelL ActULly u DOnT neED To paY muny TO USE SErbRs

  16. if this was a new video pls play doors its scary untill u know everything about the game and its still hard then

  17. they fixed the shop it is now locked at night

  18. why are you playing on mobile? thats the worst way to play roblox

  19. roblox tww's hallowen events were scarier than these games showed in the video,and that game is supposed to be a western

  20. I think the only game here trying to be scary is the maze

  21. Doors, isle, etc why you miss some scary games bruh (I mean they aren’t scary after a while but.)

  22. Please play apierhapobia (i think i got the spelling wromg its to hard to spell..) just want to see your opinion about it

  23. Since when have you had to pay for server upkeep on roblox?

  24. The monster in survive jake paul is a strong SpongeBob with the wrong textures

  25. Actually,in the maze, you can find a graveyard each server its random but never spawns in the caves

  26. I've played some pretty good Roblox horror games in the past. And that was before Roblox Doors came along.
    It's not impossible to make a Roblox horror game. It's just really hard to.

  27. honestly roblox horror jonera could only make a todler scared

  28. 6 months late but for the maze game another reason that the outside area with all the grass and trees could be because you manage to escape the cave in the future of said game

  29. Bruh sournale said the pond that a person swam in is made out of mercury the planet lol

  30. i subbed so that i could unsub because the maze was on here

  31. I completely agree, they aren't even scary

  32. Some footnotes, mistakes and corrections I want to write down with this video:

    -I didn’t research the hosting part of roblox servers. I assumed Roblox’s servers required money out of you. Roblox servers are free to host and make. The various micro transactions are just the roblox developers being roblox developers

    -It turns out I played rake the noob edition when I really should’ve played the remastered one

    -At the end of the day the purpose of this video was to look specifically at the worst roblox horror games. At the time it didn’t really make much since for me to talk about the games that were more polished then most since they didn’t really belong in this video. Which is why these games feel kind of off. If I’m going to be talking about something like unscary roblox horror games, I might as well look at the absolute worst of the bunch.

    -A sequel will be made to this video, which will include games that more people would want to see.

    -Doors was not conceptually popular when this video was made, which is why it wasn’t in this video as I didn’t know it existed. It will be reviewed in the sequel. Please stop asking me in the comments.

    -I don’t buy the defense that games like frogge and cheese horror escape were meant to be joke games. They’ve obviously had considerable effort put into it and it would feel odd that all of those weeks or months of development put into those games was all just for some funny joke. Those games purposes wasn’t because of a joke, it’s just simply not scary. Plus even if they weren’t meant to be taking seriously there still no longer termed as jokes anymore as you can now buy in game microtransactions in them. A joke is no longer a joke when money is involved in my eyes.

    -For the people that wanted me to review piggy, I’ve already made a video about it back in 2021. (https://youtu.be/dPZ5MQ53qYY)

    -Obviously horror is at its core is subjective. So even though I don’t find Roblox horror games scary, that doesn’t mean that there not scary to all. So if you end up finding yourself being scared at a lot of horror games on roblox, then this video probably isn’t for you.

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