Using Made In Heaven In Different Roblox JoJo Games -

Using Made In Heaven In Different Roblox JoJo Games

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This Video, Was Made In Heaven.

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  1. Try playing d4c in every jojo games for canon

  2. Btw if your wondering what the song is it's Pucci's Theme By Gwinn

  3. Mih's horse head tho its in the perfect direction

  4. Way faster than elemental grind game the accel element

  5. Fun fact: ABJ have other version of mih that has different moves and almost no cooldowns on moves

  6. I remember when heaven stand users in yba were respected like they were req users in 2019, skin update ruined the game

  7. Let's wait for made in heaven in crusaders heaven :))))

  8. Can u stop play abd its ded.

  9. Fun Fact: Did you know there is a GTA San Andreas mission called Made in Heaven?

  10. Fun fact: In AUT, mobile support on mih has a button "TimeAccelerate" which does nothing. So, i guess they plan on making it…

  11. When you use uni reset in yba and got a r34 boi : "very 100% paiently waiting for the effects to go off simulator"

  12. killer queen is already touched to subscribe button *clicked*(subscribed)

  13. 40 damage by punches – YEEES AUT SO BALANCED

  14. Whats the music in this video

  15. Mih in aut is a beast if you know what youre doing. I swear to god, it has two m1 combos.

  16. Kur should rlly fix mih it doesnt have time exeltration and uni reset like bruh

  17. Literally didn't notice that the bell notification is off

  18. me and my potato pc disconnecting every time someone does universe reset**

  19. Fun Fact: MIH with Double Accel active (has Triple Accel upgrade) has twice as many hits in a barrage. The base barrage damage is 1 each. This means MIH can have a barrage stronger than KCR

  20. There is no way that he said the Aut one was better than YBa

  21. Ah yes time acceleration, the move that makes you miss everything

  22. "Manga" : "Fuse with the baby!
    "Infu" : Eat him….

  23. fun fact: when you barrage with MiH in AUT you can combo it with burst punches immediately after because the barrage leaves the perfect distance to do so.

  24. Check out project menacings MIH

    To get MIH in project menacing you first have to get WS which is easy to get, then you get dio's bone to make c-moon (no quest for the bone, either defeat the dio boss for a chance to get it or find it off the ground), then you have to go to the jolyne quest to get worthy c-moon and after that you either kill pucci again (you kill him during the jolyne quest) to get the diary, get it during the quest after killing pucci, kill pucci after if you didn't get it or find it off the ground, then you use the diary and there you go.

    MIH and WS has a deimos type skin the Deimos skins look sick as hell, and MIH can be cancer to fight against. Also if we ever meet ingame, and I'm in a state of pure undefeatable anger. Then just don't try to fight me as someone has either: 1 made me angry to the point of me focusing all my objectives on killing the someone. 2 someone kills my friend over and over. And 3 keeps killing people I try to help.

    Also if you see me go full rampage dodging attacks like I have MUI even without time acceleration then you know I'm in that state.

  25. didn't AUT say they will add time accel that has cutscene that's skippable?
    oh wait I think it's universe reset not time accel

  26. Aut mih has a time accel, but i guess it was too buggy or something so its for admins only

  27. Anyone can give the video's music name?

  28. Fun fact: in aut, there is a secret accelerate move if you press F

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