Using The World Over Heaven In Different Roblox JoJo Games -

Using The World Over Heaven In Different Roblox JoJo Games

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  1. You dont have to do quest to get twoh on aut

  2. Hey infu, a leak is released that crusaders heaven is working on twoh, check it out if it's made, the models are beautiful, and there is also stoh

  3. Other games:Project menancing you dont have Twoh moves
    Project menancing: But i have cutscenes
    Other games: But your game doesnt even have acsended knife only normal knife
    Project menancing: but i have cutscenes

  4. For twoh in aut, you don't have to do the quest from Pucci at all. If you have his diary, then you can immediately use it on tw to get twoh.

  5. ABD is back for updates bois you can check my vids on it.
    The nostalgia is great

  6. Even more better pause at 3:11 and you will see the god eyes from it while using slow mode.

  7. O agree that sa is the same as abd/m but sa has more nicer effects and anim

  8. Sptw also has bs combos can heal amd ts and also sptw has bd

  9. I like YBA's TWOH obtainment more than the others because the DIARY actually gives you the quests, not npcs.


  11. for me jojo crusader's heaven is good and have a good skills and skins no storyline yet but the dev is working on it

  12. You know sptw has same damage in yba and have cool beat down and if you will mix it with precision it's deadly

  13. Aut have nice skill , but yba twoh look more good

  14. “Like nothing can beat yba’s molder” cap crusader’s heaven modles way better bruh

  15. to get twoh in aut just use dio diary on tw

  16. Lol I got that stand first time
    In a level 4 account

  17. hey bro infu i found a game of jojos, the game looks pretty good, if u wanna play it here is the name: Offbeat Journeys

  18. U forgot the game which hacked AUT…But i dont mention to play so, if ya dont want, pls dont hate me, i hate that game too💀

  19. 2:53
    Infu: Y – Reality "Overweite" Punch

    overwrite: am i a joke to you?

  20. Its kinda sad that crusaders heaven is too op that they can only make once stand and make some cool beatdowns's they need to work a lot

  21. all things considered, nice video, but all I'm thankful for is that the fact you STILL included ABD into the comparison.

  22. If ur a YBA playrt and played aut to get twoh its easy to get for u bc Yba twoh is painfull to get but as an aut player twoh quest is painfull

  23. Stands Awakening Is The Better A Bizzare Day

  24. every single twoh user when fighting a non ts resist stand in yba 0:29

  25. If u already have a diary then use it without pucci quest in aut

  26. Sptw is kinda better just bc of the bd and the awakening

  27. "No one can beat yba modler"
    JJ:CH modler: "and i took that personally

  28. what was the song name for when u started the yba part

  29. No the most annoying is mr president

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