Warning. Practical Effects Test. 🔪 #specialeffects #specialfx #gore #makeup #blood #halloween - pixelbladegames.com

Warning. Practical Effects Test. 🔪 #specialeffects #specialfx #gore #makeup #blood #halloween

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This is just a test shot, No makeup was applied!! This is not the final look! This is only a test. This is not real!
Blood I used

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  1. Normal People: 😬
    Deaf People: 😐
    Blind People: 💀

  2. I can’t stop dreaming of this 😖

  3. Боже у чела кровь течет а она ржет

  4. I know that's fake that probably OK that's not real it's crazy but it couldn't be catch up sauce just a rare drink

  5. No that's definite cause I'd like a redrink that says Coca Cola

  6. Even the guy is not being pretty easy said are there's not even dead

  7. Is he OK? He looks like he’s bout to die.

  8. Blind people: 💀
    Deaf people: 💀
    Colour blind people: 💀
    Schizophrenic people: 💀

  9. How do you know it's not dead we just Kool-Aid

  10. little blood I wouldn't die if I lost that little amount

  11. POV: when your mom sees this . OMG CALL 911!!!!!

  12. Oh my God don’t do that😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😟😟😟😟😟

  13. Imagine if they pulled of part of his actual neck😅

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