WE PLAYED SQUID GAME AND THIS HAPPENED... (Roblox With Friends!) - pixelbladegames.com


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  1. Squid game my least favorite show cause blood

  2. Guys guys shhh shhh shhhheeeesss talking

  3. Yay you guys are playing again can’t guys play an obby and do a race

  4. Think you for playing this together 😉 I'm so excited to watch this love youu

  5. Hi micro guardian I love when you do videos with the Fam It’s so funny and have fun playing

  6. i love watching your videos there are so much fun!

  7. i new it will be chad at the finals😀

  8. CHAD THE CANDY CORN LOL 😆 😋 😂 🤣 😄 😅

  9. I'm so bad at the cookie cutter and red light green light game 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  10. I started laughing so hard when I saw your outfits

  11. sorry chad, you will win next time 2nd place is better then last

  12. I love ur guys videos there amazing 😄💕

  13. Yayyy Chad you did awesome so did everyone else!!!

  14. The opponent had the last strategic point, where the person waited for Chad to attack, then punched him. It was the place, that made it possible to take the victory 😅

  15. honestly, i dont know if squid game is real, can someone tell me if it is?

  16. Can u play more squid game with the fam 🙏

  17. The drama/noise in tug of war OMG it will be so easy in mobile no cursor you wont to travel that much..

  18. Chads avatar it's so funny

  19. cookie chad and ryan i followed you on roblox but I lived in Philippines so it must be night time while you did the video :]

  20. You Inspire so much and you always make my day better

  21. Can u play more human fall flat with cookie Chad and lastic please I also watch lastic na ry channel

  22. I was playing red light green light at school and then my principal came and said one of my classmates have covid -19

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