Weird Roblox Games -

Weird Roblox Games

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In this video I play and review some weird Roblox games. How deep does the rabbit hole get? Let’s find out.

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – The Normal Elevator
4:21 – Escape The Supermarket
6:15 – Survive From Coca Cola Man
7:50 – Thomas.EXE The Tunnel
8:30 – ROBLOX exe Sonic exe
10:09 – Outro
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Inside a House – Ocarina of Time

Crank That in Low Quality

A Slice and a Scoop – FNaF 6

Creative Exercise – Mario Paint

Cut the Rope Theme

Xori – Warm Nights

Mario 64 – Big Boo’s Haunt

By Your Side

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Moment in Time

Dancing Polish Cow (instrumental)

Extinction Event Horizon – HL2

Link’s Memories Miphas Touch – BotW

ROBLOX Music – Horror

Worldcorp – Relbest (instrumental)

Kevin Macleod – Ice Demon


  1. try a game called juke towers of hell, its an obby game and after you try it you will REGRET saying that these obbies are repetitive in that game after you get a few rings/zones you will start to find more very creative towers with very crazy fun gameplay and even small puzzles

  2. I used to play using Guest feature of 2015, I remember The Normal Elevator being my first roblox game I played, Now I am seeing the new gameplay of it nothing really changed except that they added new animations.

  3. 3:50 a wise man once said "f the police coming straight from the underground"

  4. Maaan what the fuck happend to roblox since tiktok

  5. Don't even tell me about siren cops prison it's the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

  6. That unqiue map in survive coca cola is basic roblox template map

  7. I'm the 400th person to comment on this video no one cares butt still

  8. T3rror can you review a roblox game named Reason 2 Die since its my favoirite game

  9. T3rr0r, can you make a video on Madness combat and it's games?

  10. Wen cokey calo men appaered I almot poopooed becuaze so cared hile drining pepi

  11. Just a note "The Normal Elevator" started as a GMod map, since a lot of the parts look like they were copied over from GMod as well but not entirely. The map is waaaay older then the Roblox version, so it looks like they at least took the format and made new content for it when they made the Roblox version.

  12. T3rr0r, again, a great video.
    But yhte games you've played are only the tip of the iceburg. If you don't know, many cults and "myths" are in roblox and the games they made are really … creepy and, you just can't understand them, on part 2 you should try those.

  13. the elevator game is basically a clone of Elevator Source

  14. i have played roblox for a couple years, people say there are good games but they're hard to find, alot of times too short or very grindy

  15. Why are you so BAD GROSS (I miss my grandma)

  16. you shouldn't add zombot to this deck guy says:

    1:25 what the fuck is going on there?

  17. 8:58 "And we see two dead bodies lifeless on the floor" that was so scary it spooked me😨

  18. Please do a video on halo the master chief collection

  19. I kinda still like the normal elevator

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