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We’re TRAPPED in a Roblox Video Game!

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KREW goes to the Roblox Arcade! But something doesn’t go as plan…
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  1. When funneh said “nothing else matters” it reminds me of yandre lol

  2. Is no one gonna talk how golds name is draco

  3. i pay atention about gold's diplay name is "draco"

  4. Does no one realize That golds display name is Draco?

  5. Cmon guys let's help them get to 8 million subscribers!!! 😔😁🌟🌟✨✨🎉🎊🎉

  6. Am I the only one who thinks rainbow looks like an alt girl?

  7. Kf knows that krew always gets the bad ending😂

  8. Me: the Krew represent the different colors of the rainbo-
    Rainbow screams

  9. krew is great they dont need to change and they shoudn't change for anyone #💗krew

  10. can we talk abut that theres lava in the sea?

  11. 19:57
    She could’ve done
    “Why was the computer mad at lunch”

    “Because it had a fried chip

  12. I need to watch your videos and it’s been a long time and now I 8 so now I’m gonna go back to watching all your videos in subscribing and liking videos

  13. Is nobody going to notice golds name is draco-

  14. I’m happy for rainbow she did really good at the obby

  15. Lil kawaii lily potato and froggylover❤︎ says:

    Golds name turned into draco

  16. Here's a cool fact : krew will post on your birthday every year.

  17. Guys! Don’t be blind and keep worshiping or idolizing other people! Go to God and Jesus Christ for he is coming! Repent your sins! God bless 🙏🏼

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