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We’re TRAPPED in a Roblox Video Game!

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KREW goes to the Roblox Arcade! But something doesn’t go as plan…
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  1. Guys! Don’t be blind and keep worshiping or idolizing other people! Go to God and Jesus Christ for he is coming! Repent your sins! God bless 🙏🏼

  2. Here's a cool fact : krew will post on your birthday every year.

  3. Lil kawaii lily potato and froggylover❤︎ says:

    Golds name turned into draco

  4. I’m happy for rainbow she did really good at the obby

  5. Is nobody going to notice golds name is draco-

  6. I need to watch your videos and it’s been a long time and now I 8 so now I’m gonna go back to watching all your videos in subscribing and liking videos

  7. 19:57
    She could’ve done
    “Why was the computer mad at lunch”

    “Because it had a fried chip

  8. can we talk abut that theres lava in the sea?

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