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We’re TRAPPED in a Roblox Video Game!

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KREW goes to the Roblox Arcade! But something doesn’t go as plan…
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  1. Can we just appreciate of how golds name is draco

  2. Literally nobody:


  3. Can every one just talk about golds name is draco? Haha its from the new wacky wizards vid lol she wanted to be draco but oof

  4. Mom: of course they can I'll go make some cookies
    Me: isn't cookies grandma's thing 🤨

  5. (ps im on my moms acount) IT IS SANS sans WANNA HAVE A BAD TIME

  6. At the end off the game it said:

    Charlie and funnehCake's mother and bla bla xD

  7. First time I’ve actually heard kat cuss 😭

  8. i love how gold's display name is draco cuz of what happened in the livestream

  9. The krew doing an. Obby me see them pass a money me :

  10. in just 2 secs the views turned from 911k to 1m

  11. how come Gold's name is Draco for the display name?

  12. who didn't forget about golds name?

  13. Does anybody notice that golds name is draco XD

  14. Golds name is still Draco from what happened on the lifestream in wacky wizards

  15. Could we just stick to subscribing for Funneh? That will make her happy!

  16. Bro no one is talking about how Charlie died on the obbys and came back alive when the police came he was back😳

  17. Krew: literally survived during the demon game
    Me:*literally died with 10 people on the demon game-*

  18. Late but rainbow had a unicorn and that little girl asked for one-

  19. I like how the krew only play some games they always change your outfit for the theme

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