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What is the WORST Game on Roblox?

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I played the 10 WORST RATED games of Roblox to figure out which one is the worst.
Ready to find out what really is the worst game on Roblox? Enjoy my suffering!

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wow, you’re reading the description. You are a beast. What video should I make next? I’ll use your idea 🙂


  1. him lagging cuz of a roblox game:
    me playing on rtx minecraft with max graphic settings: 1000 frame rate

  2. 6:12 bc meepcity when the "parties" came out the game was infested by roblox online edaters and then roblox finally banned/removed meepcity for 24 hours just to took the parties out of the game its why everyone hates the game there's also bypassed clothing

  3. 7:30 You need to click that red button and then go up or back!

  4. Cabin role play isn’t that bad me and my friend play (bc he forces me to)

    But I agree it’s trash

  6. Bruh the eggplant in James Charles's stomach 💀

  7. The game has a virus on the 9th one. This is why it lags!

  8. Club iris has lots of oders (online daters) thats why, and theres nostalgic games that i see in this vid and still play them today even when i frogot them.

    Wait did i see jk (janet and kate) in the picture that you showed in the meepcity game 😳

  9. You know what would be better than scam scammers to scam scammers that are scamming scammers!

  10. Sorry dj cook late to the video lmao but another reason people hute club iris is because all the weird degenerates on roblox go there and be weird I think

  11. Reasons why club iris is hated
    Very cringe
    Kids being inappropriate makes TikTok at it and dating thats illegal in Roblox like everyone know it the 9 year old just take there mom's credit card and use 200 dollars for just a avatar and they are toxic some are nice

  12. These games are pretty cringe with all the people role playing lol

  13. Lol omg this Try to scam me he wanted me to go first but I said it before him I said “ok but you go first” it was so funny 😂 if kept going on and on lol

  14. hey dj, club iris isnt only random dancing. there are roblox players who are probably pretty young "dating" in that game regularly.

  15. Get eat by a giant noob was the original get eaten by. It’s actually good but get eat by big noob 4 or 5 got sadly cancelled

  16. yo my name is iris and the first bad game is club IRIS xd

  17. 12:10 Listen to it with your eyes closed🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Lol one of my friends used to play club iris and I played it with them and I hated it

  19. meep city is a "roleplay" game or a flexing how cool your things are game

  20. The first one is also a hot spot for on line dating

  21. I'm pretty sure James Charles is 9 and he doesn't have siblings 📸🤨

  22. DJ: IF you don't know what tip sticky is then good

    Me: Searches What does tip sticky mean

  23. DJcook or DJlovesturbo i got banned in roblox but at least its one day right????!!!!!

  24. I kinda play cabin rp its not good but at the same time not bad

  25. Dj make a video of how bad James Charles is he's a boy putting makeup

  26. Dj just playing the game. Butt look at those THICC I meant THICC Muscles did you work out?

  27. Mortem metallum got raid by hackers
    Do not say it trash, it’s really good before
    I got really mad when you said mortem metallum made by a 9 years old kid, ender the creator of that game worked really hard on it

  28. But idc what anyone says meepcity is so good I love it

  29. if you like any of these games, please unsubscribe thanks

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