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What your least favorite roblox game says about you!

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  1. Typical colors 2: you enjoyed playing Roblox version of TF2

  2. I Loved Meepcity But The Toxic People Made Me Hate It

  3. 3:38 I love how he forgets that this game is cashgrab and pay 2 win

  4. Idk how u know funky friday

    Btw funky friday is my fav game

  5. tower of hell : You don't wanna break your keyboard out of frustration

    me who plays jtoh and alot of tiered obbies: PFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  6. I hate adopt me but I love pets with all my heart- that’s inaccurate

  7. I feel like jail break should be "ur just mad because u keep getting areasted

  8. 𝕁𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕦𝕤 𝕂𝕖𝕟 says:

    My fav games is bed wars and adopt me

  9. My favorite game is build a boat for treasure

  10. Wheres brookhaven do you think that its so good and popular that no one hates it well guess what i hate it (im sorry i try to force myself to like it but i jyst hate also no hate to this guy sorry i hate brookhaven i will get on that)

  11. I dont like bloxburg cus i can still afford it but its so boring and it was a waste of robux

  12. I think adopt me should be "You don't wanna get Scammed"

  13. My least favourite game is “free Robux obby” because it’s mostly scams.

  14. Yeah pizza is overrated, yeah I love work at a pizza place.

  15. Pet sim: you hate animals
    No it's the same reason at bloxburg

  16. I hate Adopt me tho and I love pets, i am ✨offended✨

  17. I like adopt me but I like pets 😭

  18. What I don't like is those highschool games and LGBT games for the same reason as each other

  19. Phantom Forces is actually a good game some people doesn't like the game because of the toxic community.

  20. I’m saddened about the first three, because those are all of my favorite games.
    And by the way I’m allergic to cats and dogs in real life probably not allergic to fish I could probably have a goldfish but don’t really like adopt me that much.

  21. 3:39 I'm sorry but opposite you literally make pets eat coins and chests or dig them + p2w so no it's not you hate animals

  22. Not offending but my lease fav is Arsenal and the things he said why is true LOL

  23. U guys have no idea how accurate the bedwars one is people are just trash at the game then they die all the time and then it’s not fun for them then they’ll just say ThE mInEcRaFt one iS bEttR or they’ll say ItS sO UnORinGinAL Itz SuCh a cOpy just get betters the game and you will see how fun rblx bedwars is

  24. I thought the title said "favorite roblox game" and thought the people in you meet on roblox are just really depressed or something to warrant these kind of descriptions

  25. this is not true i am not a anime hater i just like anime games! AND I'M NOT A DUDE

  26. my least favorite is adopt me but I am a huge pet lover irl lol

  27. You forgot car dealership tycoon

  28. 2:18 i like cars and like cars getting destroyed cuz i can’t afford beamng drive

  29. 1:26 abd is mostly dead, we all have moved onto a universal time or yba.

  30. i can afford bloxburg but you make a home i can do that in another game that is free like why

  31. When my friend asks me to play toh: "no thanks, i don't have enough money for a new keyboard."

  32. No i just hate pet sim x beasuce its just pay to win and money hunger

  33. Car Crushers 2 players most likely dont crush cars or sometimes their noobs and when you hit their car they say stop

  34. I'm always so odd. I love my pet dog but I hate Pet Sim X — (Mainly cuz Preston is greedy and the whole game is P2W)

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