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Wheel Decides What ROBLOX Game We PLAY!

Lana’s Life
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This Wheel better not do us dirty this stream……
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  1. Lana – doesn’t like role-play games also Lana- buys an apartment from it and that

  2. Omg lana im a fan ive been watching you for 9 years i havent gave up yet

  3. Can anybody tell her she actually didn’t put evade?

  4. Your cat has the same name as my dog❤❤

  5. you make so many funny and amazing vids! And have a fantatistic!

  6. Even if the wait is long for the beginning I’m still ur fan

  7. Btw can u pls do Elmira like alone in an video I’m subscribed pls😊Elmira is a rlly scary horror game so make sure to get chocolate digestives I did it and I wasn’t scared no more

    Yes I liked my own comment

  8. omg heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. please play adopt me i wanna check if you rich or poor i fotgot if you rich or poor lol

  10. Everyone does this to get the top comment this is what they say

  11. Lana screamed and my mom wake up and sayd do your dishes

  12. The signa face is the best face she can ever do

  13. I have friended u and I am subscribed to u

  14. i love u lana by the way im a pices

  15. Lana stop saying u don’t like the game bc the owner tried thay wee best to make it and let ppl i joy it

  16. I just love all ur streams thanks u and plz just try playing underground war 2.0

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