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Which Friend Are You When You Play ROBLOX HORROR Games?

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  1. My friend group is a breed of all these tropes 😂
    We all want to go first
    We all try to find items
    We all hide in a corner
    We all get lost 😂😂😂❤

  2. When it's bright im lost
    When it's dark im even more lost

  3. I'm that friend that always goes first 😂🤣

  4. I. the one who always gets the character with the item to stop the monster or stun and I'm always ahead

  5. I am kind of a scaredy-cat but i like to play horror games and get scared


  7. So I play 2,3 and I love those games but I’m the one who finds everything (a.k.a 2)

  8. "I'm the Friend Who Hacker"

    Me : >:)

  9. im the one who stays behind everyone else. not scared just wanna win. and then i usually do end up winning but im the only one bc i did no work lol

  10. im the friend that leads the group unafraid in the wrong direction, gets jumpscared first ALWAYS, and screams the most

  11. And I’m shadow!
    The one who hides in lockers and waits for everyone to do the work most the time

  12. I’m the one who goes first and the one that gets lost😂

  13. And I'm the friend who always left them behind and survive the game alone 😂

  14. I’m literally all of them except for the “Finds all of them”

  15. Friend who finds item and no one helps me 💀

  16. "im the friend who has no friends ;cri;"

  17. Color or die is really fun game to play

  18. We need Lana to do “I wonder how I managed to end up in this place” edit in Rainbow Friends

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