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Why This Roblox Game Actually Died

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today, we look at Roblox games that died…also, i’m back from my vacation hehe

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if you’re reading this comment kyle


  1. 5:06 Chipi chipi chapa chapa
    Dubi dubi daba daba
    Mágico mi dubi dubi
    Bum, bum, bum, bum
    Chipi chipi chapa chapa
    Dubi dubi daba daba
    Mágico mi dubi dubi

    (Doesn’t sing the the whole song just the chipi chipi chapa chapa part )

  2. Can you check The Underground Facility? 😿

  3. Yes it is true, bloxburg will most likely never become free to prevent trolls and money glitches


  5. On Bloxburg my house is open to everyone because I am out of money but sadly nothing much to do in my house in Bloxburg

  6. While you were playing prison life a lot of people say that my name is trash too so you’re not alone in different games😭

  7. Soo is it wrong if i stil play bloxburg or smth?

  8. If Quaresema watches this video: 😮😅

  9. I just cancelt my YouTube premium subscription because I missed the ads😢

  10. Q-clash was my childhood so please make it popular for the next generation

  11. Hey im super grateful that you did not quit YouTube

  12. You may not remember me. but i remember your cheesy taco. would you like a round two on doors?

  13. who watched this video when it was named "Roblox Games That Will Never Make a Comeback"

  14. did anyone see the title change from “roblox games that cant come back” to “why this roblox game actually die”?

  15. my friend loves like LOVES breaking point and im the only person that plays it with him ;-;

  16. I already am subscribed… can you please let me out of your basement now?

  17. I wish bloxburg was 2020 again when everybody was roleplaying but now I have to join like 50 servers to get role plays but I don’t want bloxburg to bc free because it would have a lot of nobody and stuff in it like trolls

  18. I have to say that your videos are like addicting to watch they are so interesting.

  19. Another game that died

    2023 – 2024

  20. Im gonna play all of these games rn. But not bloxburg bc it's glitchy.but I do play it

  21. I agree with the fact that Bloxburg is slowly losing their players since me and a couple people have gotten banned for apparently exploiting when we didn't :/ I just logged on ffs

  22. 0:02 why iw these BLOXBURG😭😭😭 I play it every day so its not down😍

  23. Personally, I agree with her opinion. These games were the favorite part of my childhood but as I got older and the games never got good updates. (MY OPINION)

  24. Bloxburg was fun until I deleted my house I asked someone to bulid my house and renovated it alot once I saw a moderater in bloxburg and he started role-playing with them and called the girl cute and told someone to take off their ski mask or the moderater said PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUE SKI MASK OR I WILL REPORT YOU TO BLOXBURG! and then the girl from earlier the moderater was getting abit to flirty and said ok i'm getting to flirty and then the girl said let's go to my neighbourhood and she said remeber this is a children's game so i said uhmm your supposed to be a moderater and moderate things

  25. Me personally I like roville better then bloxburg because bloxburg cost 25 robux that I spent on that stupid game and we just need MORE ROBUX just to get a basement a second floor stuff like that and roville is super free and it’s better then bloxburg

  26. Yoshikage kira just chilling there 😭

  27. Chipi chipi chapa chapa dubidubi dabadaba Michi coti dubidubi boom boom boom boom

  28. When she put her fingers together i passed away for a second

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