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Why This Roblox Game Actually Died

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today, we look at Roblox games that died…also, i’m back from my vacation hehe

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if you’re reading this comment kyle


  1. Personally, I agree with her opinion. These games were the favorite part of my childhood but as I got older and the games never got good updates. (MY OPINION)

  2. 2 hours late!1!1!1!!2 anyway off topic but I am a dreamerrr hisoni powerrr

  3. I’m normally early to sarries vids TWO WHOLE HOURS IS SOOO LATE

  4. HELLO! I’m a big fan! Can I please have a pin?

  5. I did not realize how recent this video was 2 hours ago

  6. like his comment to stop the 5 year olds from saying “first”

  7. Bloxburg is very well made. It’s very fun and stuff, but some problems to it is that, there’s so much trolling to it and it takes away players time to even wanna play Bloxburg, but also another issue. Bloxburg is also VERY expensive, it costs a lot of money just to build a house. Some players don’t like building houses because maybe they just don’t have enough money, and it takes away there focus to play bloxburg. Also Bloxburg is very very very fun! Just I think the only problem from it is that trollers, and how expensive it is.

  8. Sarrie if u pin ill pay u 1000 bobux

  9. Sarrie you have a ton of plushies back there

  10. Ok but I had Animal Crossing City Folk on while watching this and I was so confused

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  12. Shesss backkkk :33

    I’m back on the prowl 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Windows 10 windows 10 windows, 10 windows 10 windows 10 yeah I just seen windows 10 in the video
    Dookie’s 💩

  14. I think we all know another reason why bloxburg may have become a building game
    People’s houses being destroyed by trolls. Specifically one.

  15. Pleasee make Cosplay Runway popular again i'm begging you.

  16. the fnb/fnf one they said the note that they won't update it on my birthday

  17. something i wanna add that i LOVED and played was mashables, it got hacked and later broke and its never come back. it was supposed to but canceled i believe

  18. Hay reminder the Guy who took your account I reported him let’s see if you get your account back

  19. Bloxburg cost money because they don’t as much hackers

  20. I was early and I’m happy I got to like before it hits 1k when I liked i was in the 600

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