Why You Should NOT GO SHOPPING (Roblox Memes) #shorts - pixelbladegames.com

Why You Should NOT GO SHOPPING (Roblox Memes) #shorts

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Why You Should NOT GO SHOPPING (Roblox Memes) #shorts @OKEH Gaming TV
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  1. we’re just gonna ignore that dora beat her up….

  2. People who sleep on floor :
    Omg I’m falling nowhere 😫👈

  3. If you had a computer and mouse you won't get to this trouble -_-

  4. I will do the ending of that kind of videos✨: SO DONT GO SHOPPING

  5. Future deaths be like:
    And also you will OOF cuz of curuna

  6. Ok i will never go shopping again🙃🖐️😌

  7. I don’t think when you go to your house someone beat you in Scheels or close unless you live in Africa or some crap

  8. After i showed myself this i was like 😐

  9. Now i have question then how u get that clothes

  10. Damn my youtube shorts are cursed no god help me

  11. I have this one I heard from this guy

    Why You Shouldn’t Study

    If you study, you pass tests
    If you pass tests, you get happy
    If you get happy, you play
    If you play, you get tired
    If you get tired, you get sick
    If you get sick, you die
    So don’t study

  12. Bruh you can call the hospital without service

  13. I love how all the why you shouldn’t do something always ends with” and you will die”

  14. "then you fall of your bed and your leg will break"
    Me:falls of my bed(on propose)

  15. Nit exactly u can be an cold stone man 😛 its great!!

  16. Him: this is why you should not go to shopping. Me: this is why should die 🤣

  17. Then How Are Am I Gonna Get Food If I Don't Shop? Broke The Entire Meme

  18. And People Can Crawl. Not Just Walk. But Good Acting & Edit

  19. So how do yOu dye youre hair and BUY clothes 😎😎😎😎

  20. Wait I saw this from someone not this one

  21. The part where it says u need to buy a computer i say to myself what id u already have a computer

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