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Why You Shouldn’t PLAY ROBLOX #shorts

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Why You Shouldn’t PLAY ROBLOX #shorts @Ruthbell
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  1. Karma Lydia Malinka Kolesnikova Mohr Nielsen says:

    uhm why would ants enter ur eyes

  2. Karma Lydia Malinka Kolesnikova Mohr Nielsen says:

    and i also dont think our brains will turn into karens

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣we shouldnt play roblox and you just make videos from it lol

  4. Me after a 18 hour gaming session
    At least i didn't play roblox

  5. I started roblox in 2004 and and I can’t stop

  6. “When you play too much-

    You will lose friends- oh wait wrong game

  7. Me who doesn't have an ipad: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  8. So you need to stop plaing roblox to :> 🪄facts🪄

  9. Some of this is true but last parts with Karen is not

  10. I spend hours on playing war games in roblox so I’m not gonna stop playing

  11. I don't use tiktok 🙂 Nor I use a iPad
    Sooo… Not my problem [:

  12. We Muslim don't play roblox🌚
    Some people:WHY

  13. Haha you think I can become happy I’m medically depressed.

  14. But isn't that the same as looking at a TV

  15. I bet her eyes got tired making that video.

  16. Shut up I've been on my phone 10 hours straight

  17. Wait wait wait wait wait wait WHERE TF DID THE ANTS COME FROM?

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