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Will The Most Popular Game on Roblox Please Stand Up

Lana’s Life
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  1. Adopt me in 2018-2021 thinking they are the best psx gets created 1 year later and the winner is… adopt me stands up psx: SIT DOWN 2022-2023 PET SIMULATOR X 1.5M people

  2. Adopt me in its unfair position of first, while being one of the most popular games on roblox, it hasn’t solved its issues with scammers and hackers… Oh well 🎉

  3. Girl adopt me is just stupid and it's super boring , btw your so old why you're playing roblox

  4. I WISH Brookhaven is def more popular then adopt me now I personally don’t play either but adopt me is 🔛🔝💀💀

  5. Blox fruits be like:Sit down peasant.Let the king stand up

    No hate love your vids

  6. No offence but in my opinion brookhaven is way better then adopt me it's literally the worst game I've ever played

  7. Doomspire : sit down
    Blox burg : humble
    Mm2 : you guys finding popular game??
    BloxFruit And Psx : Wake Up To Reality

  8. Güney Aga ▪︎ 54Sx views ▪︎ -15 Days ago says:

    Pet simulator every saturday left the chat

  9. My house in adopt me is literally one floor but it’s so adorable anesthetic

  10. Still not better than "Sword Fight On The Heights"

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