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Y’all I tried the bloody knuckle game

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  1. My mums friend did that game and broke her knuckles 😌

  2. it's called "kanlı para" in Turkish it means "bloody money" in english it has made by Turkish people (kids)
    you just flick coins at each others knuckles and taking turns whoever backs out from the pain is losing the game

  3. Why would people do this people are so goofy these days

  4. Have you ever played the one when you get a quarter and you put it between your knuckles and you hit your knuckles against somebody else’s?

  5. Nah enjoy sore and bloody knuckles for about 1-2 months!

  6. Dafaq this is what my classmates were doing.

  7. I play this game to take out my anger issues 🙂

  8. My uncle cooked me in that game😭😭😭

  9. For context, this is a game called bloody knuckles. The objective is to have two people hit their knuckles together in an up and down. You win if the other persons knuckles bleed first. So basically this guy fucking sucks and lost. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Coming back to this, what was the point of this game. Like why would you make your knuckles bloody.

  11. This is considered self harm, don’t do it! 🙁

  12. Me felt the pain when looking at the end💀

  13. Bloody knuckle game: 🚫
    Break your knuckle game:✅

  14. women: why do we live longer than men

  15. 😂 I went against a " unbeatable " kid , he was durable , but I had the determination, at the end of the day. My determination won 😂 me , victory and a numb knuckle

  16. انا حرفياً شفت الفيديو ٨ مرات وكنت أحسبه يحاول يقوي قبضة ✊🙃
    أصلاً باين أنه يده ناعمه

  17. I don’t need to even play this game, I do quads 👌

  18. I had my knuckle skin ripped while playing this at 6 yrs old

  19. And the best thing about playing games is you don't have to play them!!❤

  20. Were you missing some brain cells at birth?

  21. Bro why did I think this was a loop

  22. Ur meant to do it with sum1 else mind 😂😂😂

  23. My knuckles bleed in the winter cuz I wash my hands to much and they dry out100 likes and I'll explain


  24. Me after training iron fist kung fu for 1 hour:

  25. Why did I used to play this game as a kid 😭😭😭(for those who don't know u take turns to fling a coin at each others knuckles until they bled and first one to back out because of the pain loses)

  26. Bro thought Minecraft would be based on real life 💀

  27. I just search up dti (dress to impress) combos no vip and this comes up

  28. bro bloody knuckles is when you hit eachothers hands wym

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