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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

So yeah, basically the Roblox chat filter has broken, and any players can say whatever they want inside of games, some of these swears only work on the chat bubble and some work in the text chat box. It’s pretty weird and Roblox is definitely going wrong tbh.


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  1. at this point they might as well remove the chat filter (wink wink) if yknow what im sayin

  2. Stop trying to scare all the 9 year olds.

  3. theres only 1 swear you can say and its "girlfriend"

  4. Finally… I have accomplished something almost ANYONE can't do in roblox…..

    Swears meanly

  5. Every 8 year old who say the n word: were doing the sequel

  6. Bro I was playing when this happened and thought it was just a script hidden in the game

  7. I got that glitch in a game called slap battles it tagged but in my bubble it did not

  8. that happened on pop it trading like I was saying who want trade and it will said ##### in chat but in game it didn't

  9. i think the bubble thing only works for you

  10. 4 days later: its kinda fixed but the white bubble still shows up

  11. Fr i first found out I can say stuff when I was playing bedwars

  12. This is actually a bug with the client sided chat speech bubble. If you say a swear you can only see it but other people see it as tags

  13. Me: sees this
    Me one second later:les go to boblos

  14. This Bug Happens Last 2 Days Maybe I Was Play Carry People Sim 2
    And I Say
    "Fooeekk You"
    And The Chat Blog It Tagged
    But In The Bubble Chat Its Visible

  15. I did tried it out yesterday and I can confirm, it literally works .-.

  16. I can't keep imagineing this sanrio were some kids are fighting over hello kitty

  17. the game is not alone there is other games like obby creator, TOH, and etc

  18. i said wtf in roblox and it didn't censor i was so confuse 🤔😂

  19. my dream to piss off my enemies

  20. i can't say discord in roblox

  21. Its not just that game its in others too i was playing a piggy type game and someone was swearing in the chat

  22. hey sharkblox you posted april 29 right…
    but still today that glitch is still working….
    i played frogge a lot of times with my cousins then i said a word from our country then at the chat box it tags and my bubble text didnt…
    but players didnt saw my chat like other players are experiencing rn….

  23. the chat filter is being worked on, they'll prob push an update out giving us a new feature or changing stuff in that filter itself

  24. It still works just that the others cant see you swear, only you can.

  25. My message got censored for saying "no"

  26. littery i swear chat on roblox i say "ah chit "

  27. I sayed shut up because someone is mean:(

  28. for some reason but in the chat when my messages went in , they were censored but infront of my character , i could say stuff in aba

  29. ####### ######### #####
    Oh did not work 😑😒😨😰😥😢😭😱😡🤬😠

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