You CANNOT LEAVE This Roblox Game... -

You CANNOT LEAVE This Roblox Game…

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This game 100% needs to be removed

– I stumble upon a Roblox Piggy Obby that reloads you back into the game every time you try to leave. How is this happening?



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  1. Idk why but i dont use leave button anymore… ;-;

  2. "You cannot leave this game"
    Me: *Laughs in mobile*

  3. Try leaving the game but don’t press esc because it will just keep you in so leave the eitre game
    And btw I like your vids and I’m a Aussie

  4. straight up just hover over the roblox icon and wait for the window to show and just press the x

  5. Your YouTube name is devoun

    My real name is devan

  6. me – joins the game and tries to leave
    me again – ALT + F4 GO BRRRRRRRRR

  7. devoun: you cant leave this game
    me: (clicks the x button at the top right) haha get rekt

  8. for all you kids on your greasy iPads just click the home button on your iPad because most kids play on iPads

  9. "You can't leave the game"
    Alt + F4: Are you sure about that?

  10. me a console player: y-you can just press x on the xbox controller, click roblox and click exit

  11. Plum probably trying to idle for 20 minutes till he can disconnect

  12. Devoun: cant leave

    Me: just close the window

  13. I think you can just close roblox and delete roblox and go download roblox again if your on mobile

    Wait a min-

    realizes and plays game and does exit button Me: NOTHING HAPPENED!? -_-

  14. Me who just shuts down my PC
    I'm 9 Dimensions ahead you

  15. Task manager: Is this supposed to be a challenge? Because its very much not.

  16. you can’t leave
    my trash WiFi oh so you’ve chosen death

  17. me on Computer Devoun You cant leave Me Again Turns off Computer

  18. creator is really….a ….1…………………………..year old

  19. You cannot leave this game.

    Freaking takes another phone and joins different game

    I have beated the system

  20. Devoun: you can’t leave this game
    Me: turns off iPad

  21. Me: joins game and can't leave
    Disconnection from being idle: are you really in charge here

  22. Mobile payers: I have no such weakness

  23. Another way to leave this game on mobile I pad is for mobile click on pages and close roblox page to leave this nightmare trap same with I pad

  24. Devoun: You can't leave this game
    Me: Laughs at Task Developer

  25. me with a broken computer that turns off: are you challenging me?

  26. I did this on an iPad and I managed to escape by turning off my iPad

    Alt+F4: Yeah i cant
    But he can


  28. devoun is not the only one thats have hapend its done it to me in fnf brookhaven

  29. Bruh your dumb

    Just use your mouse and not the keyboard:/

  30. Me:Alt Tab goes on another game then IM FREE

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