you CAN'T LEAVE this game... -

you CAN’T LEAVE this game…

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today i play some Roblox games that trap you forever…
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  1. when ur in mobile and try leaving just close the app •w•

  2. You said a amongs was cute even tho you hated since you start a channel

  3. I just play you cannot leave this game but actually i play the venus

  4. Glitch: it’s called- my iPad: shows add.. me: wat.. the..hay!? Your mom is wat it was called btw


  6. ♥︎DelphyROBLOX •PKXD 𝚟𝚊𝚕𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚒 English!♥︎ says:

    on mobile you can swipe !!

  7. On mobile is very easy just close the app

  8. On android we can use recent app then swipe the app

  9. I played that game because I couldn’t leave but I just did something that made me leave easy Peezy lemon squeezy

  10. There’s also a chance that if your in the Late 2020’s and join meepcity it changes to a no leave game named Meepcity 2 and the creator is tubers93

  11. On mobile just close out of the tab😂😂😂

  12. There is a game that scammed me I thought it was rainbow friends chapter 1 but it wasn’t it didn’t let me leave

  13. So I actually played some of these games on mobile and there is a way to leave, you just press the button and go into the tabs and just swipe up on the Roblox tab and your out.

  14. God I hate anime. And v tubers. And roblox. And google search results. In that order.

  15. OK glitch I will not join because I am on mobile or you could just say iPad

  16. I’m on mobile and if your on mobile and join a game that won’t let you leave just leave the app…
    Edit I just noticed that someone already said how to-

  17. You know that there's a copycat it is called very very funny game

  18. Or just press that button on your phone or ipad

  19. Bro it's so easy to exit just put high your things and you and you can see now you're easy to get out the game with you tonight

  20. There's a way to leave the giant rainbow Friends do you see Mommy long legs it teleports you to a game where you can leave😉

  21. We can leave and by going home and restart the game 😂😂🎉

  22. This is the way how to leave just delete it

  23. I played the first one before, and it was very very scary but I managed to escape

  24. I have Ipad but I just clear my iPad or close it it leaves me out

  25. I played the game named piggy but you cant leave
    Try it

  26. If you join on mobile use the circle triangle or square

  27. 𝙽𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚘𝚍𝚊𝚢

  28. Among us, do you like among us among us, I would❤❤❤❤❤❤ Among us among us among us among us wow

  29. Tip for mobile users: if u ever get stuck in a game like this on mobile, just exit the app then close all apps that u have used and play Roblox again!
    I hope this helps!

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